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For Purposes of this page, the terms "Area 2" and "Area II" are synonymous.

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Swap & Shop Opportunities

Hey! You might just be the person that has some extra assets that could benefit another newly established choir. On the other hand, you might be in need of assets to build and expand your venture! You never know. But here is the place to let the wants and needs be known. Let us know and we will post it here. We do have certain "good faith" practices that we ask you to follow:

    If you are looking to provide -

  • The description must be accurate and if a price is asked (even a donation), the amount must be stated. Othewise, the assumption is that it is freely available.
  • Location of the item must be stated as well as description of pickup/transport. Cost of pickup/transport for all items falls on the recipient.
  • You must be a choir organization within AGEHR Area 2 or one of its neighboring Areas (1, 3 or 5). No commercial listing of any kind will be accepted.
  • The offering must be a physial item or product, immediately owned by the offering organization , not a service, presentation, concert or any other endeavor of the like.
  • The item(s) may not be part of any fund-raising effort on the part of the offering organization nor may they be a part of any sales effort of a third party through action of the offering organization.
  • The offer may only be made in the name of the organization through its highest officer by name. Offerer must provide two contact points from the following( a mail address, an email address or a phone number).

If you are in need and looking to acquire -

  • The need must be specifically described in detail enough such that the request does not cause un-necessary communication to understand what is offered.
  • The need must be declared through the name of an organization within Area 2 or one of its neighboring Areas (1, 3 or 5).
  • The need must be requested by the highest officer within the organization
  • Request must be accompanied with the name of the officer along with two contact points from any of the following: a postal address; an email address; a phone number.
  • Cost of acquisition and transportation will be on the requestinig organization. If monetary cost is involved, the requesting organization must pre-pay the cost.an email address or a phone number).
To post an entry, please webmaster@area2agehr.org with the word "SwapShop" in the subject line. Please include a full description of your offering or request in narrative form, not to exceed 100 words. The posting must be relevant to the handbell music genre to be considered for posting. Information will be posted as soon as possible!
Note: If you have created a flyer or have a descriptive point of reference on your website, please provide that information

Date Posted

Item Name




03/01/2012 Used Bell Cases
Eileen Laurence

Westchester County, NY Used Schulmerich bell cases available for free if you pick up or pay the shipping. Five-octave boxes for the bells are available. 20 year old items.
09/04/2012 3rd octave of Malmark handbells John Pivarnik
973-452-0197 (c)
Madison, NJ I am looking to purchase a 3rd octave of Malmark handbells.